Vlog #1 Studying abroad @ SFSU

Weed-interview, TGIT’s and a Scavenger Hunt… Here’s my first week in San Francisco, California.

P.S. Especially for my international friends here at SFSU: the Scavenger Hunt starts from 12:04!

My first week was really hard and rough to be honest. My roommate and I have been waiting for a week or longer to get our bed and stuff delivered for example… Just two hours ago my desk chair finally arrived! And besides, I’m still missing some people in my life over here, but I have to accept that for the next few months. But as I’m writing this now, I’m starting to feel a little more like home, because right now I can finally study in my room, haha. And school is actually pretty cool, the campus is always busy and you can buy food or coffee everywhere. So I’m finally getting more excited for this semester.

XX Miss Journalist

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