How to become a successful ‘sugarbaby’

Everything is so expensive in San Francisco… I was talking about it with a girl I’ve met at the library this afternoon. Suddenly she told me about ‘sugar dating’ and that it’s no big deal here.

Last semester I made an item about sugar dating for CampusTalk, a talk show from Campusblog on RTV Utrecht, a Dutch regional channel. At their website, I wrote this article and made this podcast. I have translated it for you in English.

After abolishing the basic grant in Holland, it’s popular among students to go on a ‘sugar date’. In this case, a sugar baby is looking for a sugar daddy or mommy. In exchange the sugar parent often spoils their baby with luxury presents, dinners, trips and money, so that they can pay their study. In return, the sugar baby give their parent companionship. And sometimes sex, but that is not mandatory.

Brook Urick has been a sugar baby herself and came into the world of sugar dating for the first time when she was still in college. At that moment she didn’t know anything about it, but now she is the spokeswomen for the worlds’ largest sugar dating website Seeking Arrangement. In the podcast below she explains why people are on a sugar dating website.

In addition, Brook also has useful tips for you if you want to become a sugar baby yourself and achieve success:

Tips by Brook Urick © Shivani Boer

Translation, since it’s in Dutch:
– Use your common sense: internet dating can be dangerous.
– Always meet in public for the first time.
– Facetime together before you meet each other.
– Don’t accept money from someone you don’t know.
– Be open to non-traditional dating expectations.
– Be honest about the lifestyle you’re expecting.

In Holland and Belgium Suiker Arrangement is the biggest sugar dating website. In episode 13 from CampusTalk was director Dick Krijnen a guest with us in the studio. Click here if you want to watch that episode and if you want to know more about Suiker Arrangement, sugar dating and the story of a real sugar daddy.

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